3 Way Catalytic Converter, An Innovative Device To Prevent Air Pollution!

One common problem that human industrial and commercial activity causes is the air pollution. Though there are several controls and strict regulation was made, this air pollution is still a significant problem in our developing world. The air pollution is caused due to various actions and various gas emissions from many industries and gas station. One of the main causes is through the vehicles. Several methodologies were developed and introduced to prevent air pollution. One such invention is the 3 way catalytic converter. Various exhaust gases from an engine may contain harmful substances such as carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen (Nox) and hydrocarbons (HC). These will cause extreme environmental pollution and hazards.

Role of catalytic converter:

In general, the catalysts may take part in the reactions, but it will neither be a reactant nor products that they catalyze. The 3 way catalytic converter is a vehicle emission control device or system that will convert these harmful substances to less harmful substances such as Carbon-dioxide (CO2), nitrogen (N2), and water (H2O). This is done by catalyzing a redox reaction. In the catalytic converter, there present two types of catalyst, a reduction catalyst and an oxidation catalyst. These two will combine and do the Redox reaction (Reduction and Oxidation).

The 3 way catalytic converters are standard in today’s vehicle world. These are considered as one of the important tool or weapon to fight against air pollution. The function and working of the catalytic converts includes the conversion of harmful pollutants into less harmful emissions before it leaves the exhaust system. Inside the 3 way catalytic converter, a honeycomb set of passage way is present and it is coated with the catalysts such as palladium, rhodium or platinum. This will induce a chemical reaction that converts the pollutants such as carbon monoxide, nitrous oxides and hydrocarbons into water, nitrogen gas, and carbon dioxide. The ceramic beads are also used inside the converter. But in most cars, the honeycomb structure is used.

The 3 way catalytic converter is generally designed for natural gas, gasoline fueled spark ignition engines, or propane. These Three- way catalytic converters are available in basic configurations such as plain style, clamped style or a replacement purifier muffler. These are designed for ease of installation and reliable operation. Operation of catalytic converter involves two stages of action. The first stage is reduction action, in which the exhaust gases are sent over the reduction catalyst. Then this will get converted into the oxides of nitrogen to nitrogen and oxygen. Then this catalyst will take off nitrogen and oxygen from the oxides of nitrogen. These two gases are harmless than the oxides of nitrogen, since it will really harm the environment. The next stage is the Oxidation action. In this stage, the exhaust gas other than the oxide free nitrogen is sent over the oxidation catalyst. This will convert the carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon into the gases of carbon-dioxide and water. There are several online videos and slide shares to know more about the 3 way catalytic converter. Use this catalytic converter to reduce the air pollution and live a healthy life.

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Lary Nineham specifies that 3 way catalytic converter is a sophisticated device used in the exhaust system of many modern petrol engine vehicles. It can convert harmful gases in the engine exhaust to relatively harmless gases.

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