Top 3 family hatchbacks in India – For the Small Family

The growing Indian automobile market has attracted all the big car makers of the world. Most of the players have introduced diesel hatchbacks as they are more fuel efficient than petrol versions. While selecting a hatchback for the family the price, the fuel efficiency, the comfort and safety features, the appearance and the availability of spares are to be taken in to consideration. The Maruti and Hyundai cars have been popular in India for quite some time because they are designed for the Indian conditions.

The first rank for the best family hatchback is the Maruti Wagon R Stingray which is as comfortable as an SUV. Introduced in 2013 this face lifted version of Wagon R has a more attractive exterior. The spacious interior has a manual AC, fabric seats, a full folding rear seat and power steering as the standard features. Higher variants are provided with a 1 DIN music system, airbags for the driver and ABS and EBD.


The stingray comes in 3 petrol versions. The base variant LXi is priced at Rupees 4.01 lakhs, the VXi 4.25 lakhs and the top variant Vxi (opt) Rupees 4.5 lakhs. The 998 cc K10B engine gives a mileage of 20.5 kmpl. This 3636 mm long car has a ground clearance of 165 mm.

The Hyundai make Grandi10 launched in 2013 is a good family car. The exterior has a large hexagonal lower grille, a swooping roof, a pair of sweptback head lamps and large fog lamps, attractive tail lamps, a rear spoiler, a rear wiper and large bumper reflectors. The interior is comfortable with features like a smart key and a push button starter, a power steering and a manual AC system. The diesel variants use 1120 cc, CRDi engine giving mileages of 24 kmpl. The versions Grand i10 1.2 Asta VTVT(O) and 1.1 Asta CRDi(O) have more features like rear parking sensors , ABS, rear AC vents and airbags . The prices of this 3765 mm long car range from Rupees 4.32 to 6.35 lakhs.

The Figo launched by the Figo India Private Limited in March 2010 is available in 4 petrol and 4 diesel versions. The exterior of the Figo is muscular with a hexagonal grille, fog lights, body coloured electrically operated ORVMs, 13” alloy wheels and a rear wiper. The cabin of this 5 seater is spacious with a manual AC and fabric seat covers. In the Figo Durotorq Titanium version a 2 Din music system with Bluetooth connectivity and safety features like airbags are available. The diesel Figo uses a 1399 cc engine with a fuel efficiency of 22 kmpl.

The prices of the 3795 mm long Figo vary from Rupees 3.86 to 5.99 lakhs.

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That is why it is so necessary for you to maintain and treat your car properly. However, to cope with such matter, you might find that it is quite annoying because it will demand you to spend a lot of money. Even for the oil change treatment, you need to spend some money. What if you are told that actually you can cut down the cost for the oil change of your car? It sounds really nice, doesn’t it? How can you make it possible?

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Monoblock Forged Wheels – Everything You Need To Know


When it comes to the cream of the crop, monoblock forged alloy wheels are at the top. These are not only far more expensive than their cast alternatives, but a great deal lighter as well! So why do so many experienced racers and car enthusiasts prefer monoblock forged wheels and are willing to shell out the significant difference in cost for them? Perhaps it is the intense and extensive forging process behind their creation? Perhaps it is the fact that they have absolutely no weld joints in them at all? Well, continue reading to find out everything you need to know about monoblock forged wheels and why they are truly considered the best!

Forging Process

The forging process for monoblock forged wheels is quite labor intensive, but the results are well worth it.

  1. Process begins by taking a large cylindrical bar of alloy and put it through some incredibly high pressure and high temperature forge to make it into more of a wheel shape and remove the current
  2. Now the block of forged alloy is placed in a spinning machine that will help form the rim and the entire wheel itself.
  3. Precision machines come and fine tune the wheel so it matches the correct configurations 100%
  4. Finished product is of the highest quality and is subsequently polished and shipped off!

Qualities of Forged Wheels

  • Lightweight – The reason why monoblock alloy wheels are highly sought after is because, since they are stronger and require no welds, they need fewer spokes. Fewer spokes equates to less alloy being used which leads to a much lighter wheel overall!
  • Strong – Monoblock forging is an old process for wheels and is something that has been perfected over the decades. It is now akin to an art form and, despite being so labor intensive, it yields the absolute strongest alloy wheels possible. When there is no need for welded joints, there is no weakness. That strength translates into a wheel that needs a lot more force to cause it to bend and can withstand so much more than normal alloy wheels.
  • Expensive – You definitely won’t find monoblock forged wheels on the clearance rack because these are hot sellers and they are absolutely worth every penny! Expect to pay big bucks to get these bad boys though!
  • Non porous – No pores means no loss in strength, no ability to absorb harmful elements that are picked up during use, and ability to retain their integrity far longer than normal wheels.


Here at Ozzy Tyres we don’t actually create the wheels and tyres, but we make sure that the manufacturers we buy from adhere to the strictest standards in quality and style. One of our favourite types of wheels are the monoblock alloy wheels because their incredibly strength and amazingly light frame make them perfect for luxury vehicles, sports vehicles, and any sort of racing car.

No matter if you’re looking to get a custom set of wheels and tyres from us, or you’re just looking at our fabulous alloy wheels, you’ll find the absolute best Australia has to offer here at Ozzy Tyres!