Cup Holder on Cars – a Little but Functional Accessory You Need

Cup Holder on Cars

What kind of driver are you? Are you the one that needs liquid to support you driving especially when you have to drive long miles away? Me myself, I always need the liquid things such as soft drink or black coffee to accompany me driving. If you are the same, you absolutely need an accessory that provides you convenience you need while driving your car. Well, you need cup holder set on your car for this.

This little piece could be ignored by some drivers especially who don’t really think that drinking something could help them focus while controlling the car engine running through long road journey. However, some other drivers absolutely need the accessory so that they can really set the beautiful and functional one on the car.

Well, some leading cars such as Mercedes-Benz even provide the Mercy owners with beautiful pieces of Cup Holder LHD and RHD to provide the convenience for $20-25 per piece. The same thing is done by its competitor, BMW. Even though the design is simpler than what Mercedes-Benz provides, BMW gives the real function from the cup holders offered. However, I have a favorite design for the cup holder. This one is what you can check on 2008 VW Polo GTI. For me, the design is simple but elegant.

What do you think about the cup holder on your car? Isn’t it interesting to have the nice piece set? If so, you may choose to buy the customized one based on your own style. However, don’t put alcohol on it because being drunk while driving is a violation.

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