DIY Tail Lights Reparation

DIY Tail Lights Reparation

It is common that cars get problems with broken tail lights. Different from the head lights, tail lights have the functions as the signs for the cars behind. It means that when the tail lights are broken, we do not need to replace the lights especially if the lights still work well. In this case, we can repair the tail lights by ourselves and make them back to the functions.

Here are the instructions:

  1. You can cover the broken tail light first wit red lens repair tape that you can find easily in shops or supermarkets.
  2. Repair the holes and the cracks with plastic tail light repair kit.
  3. Put the tail off the car and put the cellophane tape on the inner side of the tail light where the crack or hole placed.
  4. Pour plastic epoxy resin on the broken tail light and wait it dries perfectly.
  5. Refine the light using sandpaper as smooth as possible.
  6. Finally, color the tail light with permanent marker which has suitable color with the original tail lights. Then, put it on the car again.

Well, it is easy to repair the broken tail light. What you need to do is buying anything needed above and doing the instructions carefully. You will be proud of what you have done to your car.

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