Driverless Cars Strike Singapore Roads

As some of you have known, the first driverless cars started their trial runs a few months ago. Some might be wondering whether it’s really possible to have cars like these. Yes, the city-state, which is very popular for its technological advancements, has made it possible. They allowed these cars for public trial last year. Don’t you want to know more about this event? Was it successful? How was the response? Let’s hear from the experts at Singapore incorporation Visa Express here. Keep reading…


“nuTonomy” – The Company behind it!

As mentioned above, this is just a trial run and not everyone can access it. It was made available only for the selected members who were able to take a free trip using their mobile devices. As the sub-heading revealed, “nuTonomy,” a software startup, is the company behind this novel trial. This is a startup, which is dealing with autonomous vehicle software. Yes, you might be surprised to know that it’s not Google or Volvo to introduce these driverless vehicles to the streets! Even though these two giants have been testing these kinds of vehicles for many years now, this startup said it would be the first in offering trips for the public. I’d say this company will beat Uber in its taxi services in the near future.


What’s the Initial Plan?

So, what’s the initial plan of nuTonomy? It was said by nuTonomy that they would start with just six vehicles, which would grow to up to twelve in a few months. Don’t you want to know its future goal? As its future goal, nuTonomy wants to set up a complete fleet of driverless cabs in the island-city-state by next year. It believes that this would certainly reduce the number of vehicles on the heavy-traffic roads of the country. Eventually, the same strategy will be taken to other cities across the planet!

For the time being, these would only take up the smaller route of about 2.5 square miles in the district of one-North. Within this, the pickups and drop-offs have been restricted to specific spots. More importantly, the service receivers should have an official invitation to avail the offer from nuTonomy itself.


More about nuTonomy’s Driverless Taxis:

It was told by nuTonomy that dozens have applied for the vehicle’s launch and that they’re planning to elongate this list to thousands in a few months; however, the timeframe of this trial is said to be open-ended. In the due course of time, service takers would pay for the service, and subsequently, more pickups and drop-offs will be included.

Now, aren’t you interested in learning about the car itself? Well, don’t wait to know about it. These cars are carrying altered electrics from popular manufacturers. They have a driver at its front to take back the wheels plus a researcher to watch the cars’ systems. Each vehicle has been affixed with a detection system, which utilizes laser. Besides these, there are cameras for monitoring the obstacles. They are also capable of detecting the changing of traffic signals.

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