Easy Tips to Fix Broken Side Mirror

Easy Tips to Fix Broken Side Mirror

Driving without side mirrors must be risky and inconvenient for any drivers. Unfortunately, side mirror could be the easiest part of the car to be broken because of unwanted accident. Therefore, it is important to know that to replace or fix the broken side mirror by yourself to make sure that you do not need to pay for unnecessary expense if you decide to go to a car shop to get it fixed.

  • The first thing you need when you have to repair the mirror by yourself is the replacement mirror you can buy based on your car type.
  • As you have the replacement with you, you can remove the broken glass inside the frame using flat tip screwdriver. Make sure that you clean all the glass particles as well as the glue from the frame.
  • Clean the frame and the new mirror from any unwanted materials such as dust to make sure that the adhesive works well.
  • Apply the adhesive, more preferably the silicon adhesive, in the center of the frame as well as the all corners. Make sure that you apply the adhesive carefully for best result.
  • Tape the new mirror carefully. If it is possible, do not drive your car soon after the replacement. You need to wait for more than 10 hours before you can drive your car.

Those are the tips you can follow for mirror replacement. However, if the broken mirror is categorized as the major one, you may need to buy the entire part of the mirror including the frame to replace the broken one. For this, the most difficult part is matching the color and finding the hidden fasteners. Good luck!

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