Fixing Up a Car? Check Out The Cincinnati U Pull And Pay Site!

Where to Buy Vintage Car Parts

Fixing up a car can be made more affordable when you choose to obtain your car parts and accessories from a salvage dealer. If you are fixing up a vintage car then, you’ll definitely want to check out the parts in a salvage yard. After all, how can you consider a car a “classic” when it doesn’t hold or feature some of its original components or ornamentation?

The Go-to Place in Cincinnati

Cincinnati U Pull And Pay is the only place you’ll need to go to obtain vintage parts. If you do choose to pull parts on your own, or visit the physical address, you’ll need to remit an entrance fee of $2.00. You also need to be at least 16 years of age in order to gain access to the facility.

Bring Battery-operated or Manual Tools

While the dealer can provide such free equipment as wheelbarrows or hoists for pulling and retrieving auto components and accessories, the yard will not sell or rent part-pulling tools. Therefore, you’ll need to bring either manual tools or power tools that run on batteries. No electrical outlets are available for use at the salvage location.

Parts are Individually Charged – Keep that in Mind When You are Pulling Bigger Assemblies

When you are pulling parts, keep in mind that each component, even if it is part of an assembly, is charged individually. Therefore, you only want to pick the parts you require, whether they are from an axle or a brake assembly.

Obtaining a Part Online

Besides pulling parts at the Cincinnati location, you can also visit the facility’s website. On the site, you have the option of requesting a part directly for a specific make and model of vehicle or going through the parts interchange on the platform.

How to Pay for a Part

Once you “pull” a part, whether in-person or online, you only need to remit payment via MasterCard, Visa, or a Discover card. No personal checks are accepted by the salvage yard.

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