JL Audio 10W1v2-4 – Affordable Subwoofer for Your Car Audio

JL Audio 10W1v2-4

Driving without music, what do you think about this one? It could be so boring and sometimes stressful to drive without any sound of music especially when you have to drive in the middle of hard traffic. In this case, it must be great to have nice audio system on your vehicle. However, if you think that you do not really need to build such powerful sound system because you just need to fill your car with slow music, you do not need to buy the top-priced product. Buying cheaper product should be enough for you.

For affordable car subwoofer, JL Audio 10W1v2-4 10-inch subwoofer should be one of the candidates you have. This 10-inch 4-ohm subwoofer can handle 50 – 300W RMS so that the bass output will be great enough. For maximum performance, you should make sure that you install the subwoofer appropriately with an amplifier as your basic requirement and proper installment and power to get the punch and accurateness of bass output you need. From the short description above, it is clear that the JL Audio 10W1v2-4 is a good stuff for your car audio with affordable price under $150. Do you have another good stuff? Make sure that you include this on your list.

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