Mazda 5 as Best Family Car

All human beings are extremely selfish and when it comes to the moment of choosing a car for a family, everyone immediately considers which benefits and advantages personally he/she could obtain for her/himself? Someone is waiting for comfort, someone chooses a spacious lounge, not to hear kid’s moaning or in-laws grumbling from the rear seat, and some are hoping to get their portion of drive and adrenaline. It is visible how fast the segment of family compact vans is growing right in the times when Europe (and almost all the world) is suffering from the demographic crisis and struggling to no avail for increasing fertility. Therefore, to somehow contribute to the situation literally all world’s car makers have launched their mini-van lines in the markets, and mazda with its reliable and cosy mazda 5 is not an exclusion.

So, what makes this car so attractive for family driving? The answer is on the surface – mazda 5 is very comfortable and spacious, what else might a family man or busy mom dream about when taking kids to school and commuting around the city?

Assessing the mazda 5 aesthetically, this minivan bears a bit of resemblance with its brand companions like mazda 3, for example, – blunt nose and slanted headlights but at the same time has its own prominent and extremely useful feature that is not beaten by any of direct competitors – it’s sliding rear doors, which, as a rule, are the prerogative of the larger compact vans.

Front panel of mazda 5 is almost the same as in mazda3, but due to the large glass area mazda 5 pleases with better visibility. And this applies not only to the driver, who can clearly see what is happening around the car in motion, and in the parking lot, but all the passengers seats – plenty of light in the interior creates a pleasant atmosphere, in spite of the dark colors, in which interior is trimmed. Even the children sitting in the third row of seats are let to own large windows, through which it is convenient to watch the neighborhood.

Oddly enough, but even in 7-seat mazda 5 version allows you to put in it a few travel bags or a cart full of groceries from the supermarket (volume of only 112 liters), what is more, usage of this space is comfortable enough. One more plus, the rear seats may well accommodate two adult passengers, needless to say in no time and effort the rear seats can be folded so that the boot capacity increases to 538 liters, which is quite a lot. The middle row of mazda 5 van seats is made very unusually – in fact it is two separate seats, but on the back of one of them there is fixed folding armrest, which can serve as a backrest for the middle passenger, central pillow also is not static – it can be easily replaced by a small niche for cup holders.

It is obvious that mazda 5 is hardly used at full capacity, which with quite powerful engine is really impressive, because first of all, it’s a family, rather than a commercial vehicle, specially designed to adjust the interior to meet your needs and make the driving pleasant and safe.

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