Things to do When Your Windshield Gets Chipped

Sometimes chips happen to your windshield at very inconvenient times. You may be away from home or too busy to take care of the chip right away. Here are things to do before you can get windshield repair Pensacola.


Limit Driving

It would be smart to limit your driving, especially if the chip interferes with your view. Driving the car and slamming the doors can jolt the windshield and make the chip worse.


Keep it Clean

To keep the chip clean, place a small piece of clear tape over the chip on the outside of the windshield. This will keep dirt and debris from getting inside and make it easier to repair.


Avoid the Sun

If at all possible, do not park in the sun. Try to park in a garage or a shaded area. Heat will build up inside the car and could cause the chip to worsen.


Repair as Soon as Possible

If the chip is less than the size of a quarter, then it can easily be repaired. This needs to go at the top of your list of things to do because a crack may form and then you would need to replace the entire windshield.

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