What Should You Do before a Long Trip

Check the engine oil

Driving for a long trip, you should make sure that you check the car first before you go. You should make sure that everything runs well so that you will get no trouble along the road. What things to check before you go? The most important thing must be the engine. However, it is not enough to check the engine only. You should check the things below:

  • Your tires are the things you have to inspect. Make sure that the tires are in good condition with proper pressures. It is also important to prepare your spare as well.
  • Check the engine oil, water as well as the anti freeze and the screen-wash. Make sure that those are maintained well.
  • Make sure that your power steering runs normally. Check it by driving along your neighborhood.
  • Don’t forget about the wipers especially on rainy or snowy days. Without the wipers, you will get problem of unclear vision.
  • The last, you should check the lights both head lights, tail lights, break lights, and the turning sign lights.

Well, if you think that everything has been checked and you find no problem with them, it means that you are ready to go. Don’t forget to maintain your physical condition as well.

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